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Mothish Power Solution SERVO STABILIZER

We deal in brands like Voltsmart, Voyager, V-Guard.

Unique Features

  • Highly Stable Output
  • Superior product finish
  • Digital Voltmeter for IP/OP with selector switch for 3 phase ( Optional )
  • 30 Seconds Time delay
  • Over Voltage Under Voltage Protection with Auto/Manual Reset
  • Over load / short circuit protection
  • Built in Output filters for EMI, RFI Surge suppressor and spike arrester
  • High/Low cut off
  • HRC Fuse Protection for Input & Output short circuit
  • Servo mechanism well mounted
  • Stream lined enclosure in mild steel cabinet
Technical View
Capacity 1 KVA to 300 KVA
Input Voltage Range Normal Range170-270/ 295 V - 465 V Narrow Range 190-465/360 V – 460V Wide Range 140-270/245V-465V Other Ranges can be customized
Output Voltage 230V/400 V +/- 1%
Input Frequency 47 to 53 Hz
Correction Speed Average 60 V per sec. phase to phase
Protections (a) Electronic over & under voltage trip with time delay (b) Overload & short circuit protection through MCB up to 30KVA. For higher capacities optional at extra cost (c) Spike / RF suppressor extra cost
Operating temperature 0 o – 45 o C
Voltmeter Analog / Digital voltmeter (Optional) to read phase to phase Input / Output
Effect of load power factor on Output Voltage Nil
Nature of cooling Natural air cooled up to 100 KVA / Oil cooled above 50 KVA
Single – phasing Prevention Provided
Annunciation panel Non-Latching led indications Caution – Input High/ Input Low
Efficiency >98%
Manual bypass Provided up to 30KVA. For higher capacities optional at extra cost
Provision of cabling Input and Output cable termination with provisions for fixing cable glands
Servo motor drive Rugged AC step synchronous motor
CNC machines, Textile machinery , Large deep freezers, Packaging machines, Lifts & elevators, Air conditioning package units and plants , Medical equipments , Printing machines , Entire LT line stabilization for factories / buildings / housing societies , Packaging machines , Any other microprocessor based machines

Specification are subject to Change Due to continious Research & Development.

LED Identification
Input Low/High Output Cut off Output Normal