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UTL'S Suprimo batteries produce high power and voltage and stand tough in all operating conditions. These are precisely manufactured as per the latest technical innovations. The batteries are made extra durable by using high quality jumbo polypropylene containers which provided complete protection from high heat. These are totally fit to be used in various applications. These are environment friendly and emit lesser fumes. Get superb battery backup along with unmatched maintenance free long life, UTL'S Suprimo batteries are perfect for your home and office.

138Ah,158 Ah, 198 Ah

Fortified lead and selenium alloy battery plate

Normal batteries are manufactured using Antimony, which causes the water to dry up quickly. Whereas at UTL, batteries are manufactured using Fortified Lead and Selenium alloy plates, making them ultra-low maintenance. These batteries help in reducing the rate of water evaporation in the battery by 50%.

PE separators

Batteries at UTL employ PE separators instead of ordinary PVC separators. The PE separators last longer and give better results which leads to longer and much enhanced battery life.

Thicker & heavier plates

UTL batteries have much thicker and heavier plates, thus increasing their life.

Long backup time

UTL is totally confident and we can challenge any one on the basis of long backup time of our products. Our batteries provide the users with higher backup as compared to any other battery of similar rating. We are loyal to our customers and strive continuously to always deliver in the best way possible.

Model No:Superimo
Battery Ah Measured138 Ah,158 Ah,198 Ah
Normal Unit Voltage12 v
Initial158 Ah -7, 198 Ah - 9
Normal158 Ah -15, 198 Ah - 18

  • Fill upto required level with battery grade dilute sulphuric acid
  • Filling specific gravity : 1.220± 0.005 at 270C
  • Rest period 8-12 hours
  • Charge for 30-80 hrs. at the charging current specified & upto 16V
  • Specific gravity at fully charged condition : 1.240±0.005 at 270C